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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bark and Wine Event

Bark and Wine was a fundraising event that was hosted by the La Plata County Humane Society in Durango, CO.  All of the money raised is going to go to building the kitties a new kitty area in their no-kill shelter.  My boyfriend and I volunteered and were the bartenders for the evening.  They had a silent auction with lots of great, local donations.  I donated one of my adjustable hemp dog collars to the event.  It was put in a super cute gift basket full of pet goodies.  It turns out the Humane Society raised more money with this event than their other events combined! over $20,000!  How awesome is that! I am so glad the kitties will have a nice, new area to hang out in until they find their new homes. Below are three pics of my donated collar and the link to the pictures from the event:!/photo.php?fbid=443688796026&set=a.443687666026.246391.155879206026&pid=5927256&id=155879206026

EtsyVeg Spooktacular Event

Come Haunting with the Etsyveg Team October 27th-November 2nd, 2010! EtsyVeg kicks off the EtsyVeg Spooktacular today, with creepy savings and a frightfully fantastic shopper giveaway! "> " />

EtsyVeg's vegan and vegetarian artisans are celebrating Halloween with special treats abound, from discounts to free shipping to free gifts! Shop the participating shops listed below to save big!

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* ">Jen O'Connell Paintings and Original Artwork- free shipping

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* ">Lalu Jewelry- 15% off

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* ">M's Knits and Things- 15% off all scarves

* http://mumbot.etsy,com/ ">Mumbot Shop

* ">Palafox Studio 23- free shipping

* ">SilentLotus Creations- 15% off entire shop, plus free shipping over $25 and free gift over $40

* ">Starfirewire- Free Shipping and Free gift


As part of our ghostly event, EtsyVeg is hosting a giveaway in which lucky shoppers will receive scarily fabulous handmade prizes from our ghostly talented artisans! All shoppers who make purchases from EtsyVeg member shops participating in the Spooktacular (see list above) are invited to comment on the ">EtsyVeg Blog. Include the link to the item(s) you purchased and your Etsy shop name or email address so we can contact you if you're name is drawn, and you will be entered to win an ">incredible prizes ( a random number generator will be used to choose winners). Winners will be announced on November 3rd!

Extra Entries: Earn one entry for every shop from the list above that you purchase from (please comment separately for each shop)!

Throughout the Spooktacular, check the blog daily for updates, featured artisans and their screamingly awesome handmade creations, and more! Please email us with questions at . And Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

October is Non-GMO month

GMO... GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. GMOs are created "when DNA from one species is injected into another species, creating combinations of plants, animals, and bacteria that don't occur in nature or through traditional cross-breeding methods...More than 75 percent of the corn and soybeans grown in the United States are genetically modified. Canola, sugar beets, cotton, papaya, zucchini, and yellow summer squash carry the risk of being genetically modified as well. Milk, meat, and eggs have a high risk of GMO contamination due to genetically modified feed".(1)

The you tube video that I have linked below gives easy to understand examples of GMOs. One example that is used in the video is how scientists genetically modified a tomato with an Arctic flounder to create a tomato that is frost resistant.

GMOs are in 70% of processed foods and in tons of other foods that are in your grocery store. The scary thing is by law companies do not have to label their products as containing GMOs. When you purchase meat, that animal was most likely given a feed diet which is very high in corn. That corn is 75% likely to be genetically modified. The same thing with milk, genetically modified feed plus the dairy cows get extra doses of genetically modified hormones.

Soybeans are a big staple in some people's lives who choose not to eat animal products and they are one of the most genetically modified plants. This is were checking your labels becomes important. If a product contains no genetically modified ingredients it will say so on the label: NO GMOs. Also if the product is organic it will not contain any GMOs.

The non-GMO project puts out a shopping guide that lists ingredients in our foods that are genetically modified. This is what the guide says about sugar: If a non-organic product made in North America lists "sugar" as an ingredient (and NOT pure cane sugar), then it is almost certainly a combination of sugar from both sugar cane and GM sugar beets.
Some other GM ingredients from their long list:
baking powder, condensed milk, corn syrup, gluten, soy milk. tempeh, starch, vitamins B12 & E

"The American Academy of Environmental Medicine reported that "Several animal studies indicate serious health risks associated with GM food", including infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system."(2)

What we can do as consumers is check our labels, buy organic when possible and let the people in charge know that as a consumer you want GMOs labeled on foods. Another important thing as a consumer is to educate yourself and others on these matters.

Some great articles that I highly recommend checking out are:
*Organic Valleys article "GMO? Just say no: A precautionary tale
*The non-GMO shopping guide
*You tube video mentioned above
*Food Inc.  - Great Documentary that I highly recommend

(1) "Taste for life Balanced Health" Oct. 2010 pg. 7
(2) non-gmo shopping tips from the non-gmo shopping guide

Monday, October 4, 2010

Muts in the Mountains

The Durango, CO Humane Society has a really great program for the doggies.  Every month volunteers meet at the shelter and everyone is assigned a dog.  We all than take the dogs for a hike through the mountains.  I think this is so great, its a way for the dogs to get out and about and socialize.  There stuck in cages for the majority of the day so this is a great way for them to burn some energy!  Mace and I did it this past month and we will definitely be doing it again.  We had a blast! It was a pretty hardcore hike too, I was sore the day after.  Our 2 dogs were Otis and Elly.  Otis was a 2 year old mutt and Elly was a 6 month old black lab.  They were surrendered in the shelter together.  I hope that they find good homes soon!!

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Newly Painted Kitchen Pics

My newly painted kitchen... went from boring white and blue to Glidden's "Fresh Gaucamole" and blue.  I love avocados, as I have said before and this paint just had my name written all over it.  I love the new look, its so bright and cheery now.  Here are before and after pictures.